Appetite Media Reopens After COVID-19

We are thrilled to announce that Appetite Media, a global media and technology company dedicated to delivering inspiring and informative content across a wide range of topics, is back and better than ever! After a challenging period during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are delighted to welcome you back to our world of creativity and exploration.

As a versatile media and technology company, we cater to your appetites for entertainment, lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness, food, health, parenting, news, and more. We’ve spent the past year and a half reflecting, adapting, and growing, and we can’t wait to continue serving as your go-to source for engaging and informative content.

Here’s what you can expect as we reopen:

1. Diverse Content: Our dedicated team of writers, photographers, and editors has been hard at work curating content that caters to your diverse interests. Whether you’re seeking the latest fashion trends, travel inspiration, delicious recipes, or thought-provoking articles, Appetite Media has you covered.

2. Enhanced Features: We’ve introduced exciting new features on our website and social media platforms to enhance your experience. Look out for interactive polls, live events, and more ways to engage with our content and community.

3. Collaborations: We are excited to collaborate with experts and influencers across various fields to bring you exclusive insights, interviews, and experiences. Expect behind-the-scenes access and in-depth conversations with industry leaders.

4. Safety and Responsibility: While we are eager to return to in-person events and experiences, we will continue to prioritize safety and responsibility. We will adhere to all local health guidelines and protocols.

5. Community Engagement: We value your input and want to hear from you! Share your thoughts, recommendations, and stories with us. Our community is what makes Appetite Media vibrant and dynamic.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support throughout this challenging time. Appetite Media thrives because of readers like you and partners who believe in our mission.

Stay tuned for our upcoming content schedule and exciting announcements. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and bookmark our website to ensure you stay connected with the diverse world of content and experiences we offer.

Let’s savor every moment, explore new horizons, and continue to be inspired by the world around us. Together, we’ll make the post-pandemic media landscape even more enriching!

Welcome back to Appetite Media, where content knows no bounds.

With gratitude and enthusiasm,

Courtney Weston
Founder & CEO of Appetite Media

Makayla Sorensen
Director of Communications
305.507.7666 – Office