Appetite Media Accelerates into the Future with Strategic Acquisition of Premier .AI Domain

MIAMI, FLORIDA, December 24, 2024 – Appetite Media, a pioneering global media and technology company, reaffirms its commitment to innovation with the strategic acquisition of prominent .AI domain: This move underscores Appetite Media’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Our Journey at Appetite Media: Nurturing Enthusiastic Lifestyles through Technology and Community

Since its inception, Appetite Media has embarked on an extraordinary journey, establishing itself as a global media and technology powerhouse. From humble beginnings, the company’s vision has remained clear: to assist lifestyle enthusiasts in discovering their appetites by providing a rich tapestry of news, entertainment, and connection within a thriving community.

Appetite Media’s flagship platform,, is more than just a domain—it is a journey into the heart of human curiosity and passion. Serving as a digital haven for food enthusiasts and epicureans, celebrates the art of savoring, nourishing, and indulging in exquisite tastes. With an impressive collection of 2.5 million recipes, the platform has become a treasure trove for culinary inspiration and expertise.

Over time, Appetite Media diversified its content to cover an extensive range of subjects, creating a family of unique destinations that cater to specific passions, including,,,,,,,, and now, The company aims to enrich lives, spark discussions, and fuel enthusiasm through meticulously curated content and community connections.

Appetite Media’s Strategic Dive into the AI Market

In a bold move to embrace the future of technology, Appetite Media has acquired the domain Appetites.AI, positioning itself as a leader in the booming artificial intelligence market. This versatile, short, and memorable top-level domain—Appetites.AI—demonstrates Appetite Media’s commitment to tech-savvy modernization across various industries.

CEO Statement on Custom AI Interface

In an exclusive statement, Courtney Weston, CEO of Appetite Media, highlighted the company’s forward-looking initiatives. “At Appetite Media, we’re not just acquiring domains; we’re investing in the future of personalized experiences. Our upcoming project,, will revolutionize how individuals interact with recipes. We’re developing a custom AI interface that will harness the power of artificial intelligence to tailor recipes based on the contents of one’s pantry.”

This innovative AI interface,, will analyze the ingredients available in a user’s pantry and provide personalized recipe suggestions, taking into account dietary preferences, allergies, and nutritional requirements. Weston emphasized, “We’re leveraging technology to make cooking more accessible, enjoyable, and tailored to individual tastes and preferences. This is the next step in our journey to enrich lives through culinary exploration.”

Place Your Flag on Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the uniqueness of .AI domain names is crucial. Different from .COM, .NET, .ORG, and even new TLDs like .GURU, .AI has more in common with Italy’s .IT or Spain’s .ES—it is a ccTLD (country code top-level domain). As the domain extension for Anguilla, a beautiful set of islands in the Caribbean, .AI holds additional restrictions and complications similar to other ccTLDs.

To navigate this, Appetite Media recommends exploring reputable registrars. Our top three picks are:

101Domain: A trusted registrar specializing in ccTLDs, offering competitive pricing on .AI domains.

EuroDNS: Another well-known registrar for ccTLDs, particularly prominent in Europe. The pricing isn’t quite as good as 101Domain, and transferring domains in and out of EuroDNS can be cumbersome, but it remains a safe and secure place to buy .AI domains.

NameCheap: The best .AI pricing observed. Coupled with a great UX and favored by startups, NameCheap is an excellent choice for registering .AI domains on a budget.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so take the time to compare these different options and pick the one that resonates with you. Just remember, you aren’t registering an Artificial Intelligence domain; you’re registering a country code domain associated with Anguilla!” emphasizes Makayla Sorensen, Spokesperson at Appetite Media.

Dynadot’s .AI Expired Domain Name Auction Extravaganza

In tandem with the acquisition announcement, Appetite Media spotlights Dynadot’s monthly .AI expired domain name auction, concluding today with a crescendo of bids and anticipation. A testament to the robust demand for premium .AI domains, the auction witnessed 224 domains changing hands, generating an impressive revenue of over $425,000.

Top Recent .AI Sales in the Auction:

The top domain name sale of the day was selling for $86,889.00 at Dynadot. NameBio tracked 491 domain sales $100+ for a reported total of $705,763.00 with an average price of $1,437.40 per sale. Compared to the day before, there was an increase of 79% in the number of sales and the total dollar volume increased by 196%. NameBio also recorded an additional 879 sales below $100 for a total of $20,778.

Domain – Sale Price – Brokerage $86,889 Dynadot $31,500 Dynadot $25,088 Dynadot $23,202 Dynadot $22,824 Dynadot $20,750 GoDaddy $16,200 Dynadot $15,250 GoDaddy $15,188 Dynadot $14,501 Dynadot $14,288 Dynadot $14,088 Dynadot $13,002 Dynadot $13,001 Dynadot $10,252 GoDaddy $10,205 Dynadot $9,300 GoDaddy $8,710 Sedo $8,550 $8,300 Dynadot $7,200 GoDaddy $6,300 Dynadot $6,100 GoDaddy $5,976 Dynadot $5,700 Sedo $5,106 GoDaddy $4,995 Afternic $4,988

As Appetite Media ventures into the AI market with the acquisition of, the company positions itself as a pioneer in tech-driven modernization. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with Appetite Media’s vision of shaping the future of media—one that is accessible, engaging, and enriching for all.

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Director of Communications
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