Appetite Media Partners with Carpathia Media to Develop a Suite of .TV Domains for Dynamic Video Content

Miami, FL – Appetite Media, a leading digital media company, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Carpathia Media to launch a collection of .TV domains designed to cater to the ever-evolving world of online video content. The new domains, including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FAQ.TV,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and, offer exciting opportunities for creators, enthusiasts, and businesses to engage with audiences through immersive video experiences.

The internet has witnessed a significant transformation in the way video content is consumed, created, and shared. Video-sharing platforms and technological advancements have propelled video to the forefront of online communication and entertainment. As such, the .TV domain extension has emerged as the perfect canvas for video-related content, serving as a digital stage for a wide array of topics and interests.

Carpathia Media’s portfolio of .TV domains encompasses an extensive spectrum of niches and subjects, ensuring that there is a domain suitable for every type of video content. Whether you’re a professional architect looking to showcase your projects on, an astronomy enthusiast eager to share the wonders of the cosmos on, or a gourmet chef sharing your culinary adventures on, Carpathia’s domains provide a platform tailored to your passions.

The collaboration between Appetite Media and Carpathia Media reflects a commitment to fostering innovation in the digital media landscape. As video content continues to thrive, these .TV domains will play a pivotal role in connecting content creators with their target audiences, offering fresh opportunities for exploration and engagement.

About Appetite Media:
Appetite Media is a forward-thinking digital media company dedicated to delivering engaging and immersive online experiences. With a focus on video content, Appetite Media strives to connect creators, audiences, and brands through innovative digital platforms.

About Carpathia Media:
Carpathia Media is a forward-thinking digital media and intellectual property asset holding company based in Miami, Florida. Carpathia manages a vast portfolio of digital assets, media properties, and intellectual property (IP), including IP licensing rights.

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