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A Bit About Appetite

Appetite Media is a global media and technology company including lifestyle media platform Appetites.com, world-class food network Appetite Recipes, global news organization Appetite News and sports publisher Appetite Sports.

Appetite Media delivers inspiring and informative content accessible via multiple platforms across topics of interest including entertainment, lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness, food, parenting, news and more.  We are focused on building a media platform for the future, integrating our network  in to easily-consumable content, accessible any way, anytime, anywhere.

We believe culture to be the driving force of any organization – ours is driven by the needs of our audience and focus on innovation.  We endeavor to help lifestyle enthusiasts discover their appetites, providing them with news and entertainment to satiate any interest and connect them with a community of like-minded souls.

Our network also includes: The Appetite Agency, our advertising and marketing division; Appetite Brands, responsible for product development, licensing and partnerships; Appetite Content, a producer of news and entertainment articles and videos; Appetite Events & Entertainment, our event and entertainment division; Appetite Studios, our production studio for original film and video content; Appetite Publishing, publisher of books, literature and photography; The Appetite Network, a collection of “Appetite” branded lifestyle destinations covering Art, Auto, Business, Culture, Food & Beverage, Architecture & Design, Nature, Gossip & Entertainment, Sports, Gaming, LifeStyle, Music, Media, Politics, Science, Travel and World News.

Our Brands